AWARD - ARANOM Feeding Robot

During the italian fair "ZOOTECNICHE INTERNAZIONALI DI CREMONA 2019", which took place in Cremona from October 23th to 26th, our new feeding robot ARANOM was awarded in the category "precision farming".

Even after a short time we have noticed the calm in the stalls, better weight gain and clean animals due to the stable straw system Astor.

- Stefan Danzl, Waidring Tirol

The cattle consume much more basic feed which provides more milk; the silage bales are prepared and in addition the feed is transported. 

- New construction of milk cow stable 2013/2014, 500 bulls

Our expectations were met very quickly with the HETWIN ARAMIS. The animals are satisfied the whole day long and the stable is completely still. 

- New construction dairy cow stable 2013/2014, 270 cows
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