AVENGER pickup - Manure collection robot

the revolution in stall design

The manure is collected, not pushed. The robot was specially developed for solid floors but can also be used on fixed surfaces and slatted floors in mixed farm settings. The manure is propelled into the 450-litre collection container at the back of the machine via a screw rotor that converges in the middle. The 70-litre water tanks ensure the manure is moist enough to be reliably collected off the surface at the front. The nozzles on the back prevent the floor from becoming slippery. You also have the option to automatically mix in liquid additives to reduce emissions and odours (products must be approved by HETWIN).

High-quality materials such as stainless steel guarantee guarantee a long service life. The robot finds its way autonomously thanks to the latest sensor technology. It uses the rotary encoders in its drives along with a handful of reference magnets embedded into the ground.

The robot's 1.8-m-wide scraper blade ensures only a few trips are required per aisle and the animals experience minimal stress. At only 0.68 m in height, the robot can easily pass underneath the partitions in the shed. Creating routes / operating the robot on your PC, tablet or mobile is a piece of cake. The parking and charging position also serves as the discharge point for the manure. To empty the manure, you open the flap underneath the collection tank and the contents fall out below.

Advantages of the HETWIN AVENGER pickup:

  • Superior animal welfare due to permanently clean passages

  • Lower construction costs due to simpler shed design/construction
  • Easy to install in old buildings and swap with old manure removal systems (e.g. cost-effective conversion of stanchion housing into loose housing)
  • Fewer emissions and odours in the shed
  • Less noise due to using the latest electric drives


Even after a short time we have noticed the calm in the stalls, better weight gain and clean animals due to the stable straw system Astor.

- Stefan Danzl, Waidring Tirol

The cattle consume much more basic feed which provides more milk; the silage bales are prepared and in addition the feed is transported. 

- New construction of milk cow stable 2013/2014, 500 bulls

Our expectations were met very quickly with the HETWIN ARAMIS. The animals are satisfied the whole day long and the stable is completely still. 

- New construction dairy cow stable 2013/2014, 270 cows
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